Intramedullary Support Enabling Repair

The PR Cage creates a rigid intramedullary scaffold to provide subchondral support and to allow for radial head and neck fracture repair. The Cage re-establishes cortical-like fixation within osteoporotic bone and provides a scaffold to assist with maintaining reduction through the healing phase. By offering a subchondral matrix for fragment re-approximation, fractures can be reduced and fixed to a strong construct.

Less Exposed Hardware, Fewer Complications

Utilizing the shape memory properties of nitinol, the PR Cage can be collapsed and delivered through a small cannula that expands within the bone creating robust fixation. Unlike plate fixation, the construct is within the metaphyseal bone and therefore minimizes soft tissue irritation as the proximal radius pronates and supinates.

DR Cage
PH Cage
DR Cage
PR Cage


M-30 (8)