Proximal humerus fractures have remained a challenge to the orthopedist. No clear repair technology or approach has proven to be preferred in clinical literature. Correct anatomic reduction, medial column support, and bone mineral density are the leading contributors to failures for these patients. The Conventus PH Cage™ is the industry’s first alternative designed to directly address these modes of failure with a new technology that provides intramedullary buttress for fixation.

Medial Column Support

The Cage provides direct medial column support by placing a specifically engineered structural component in the intramedullary space and anchoring this device to the diaphyseal column of the humerus. This approach is a similar idea to using fibular struts and other materials to address medial column support in humerus fractures. The Cage provides a device that is properly shaped and sized for each patient, and removable should the need arise.

PH Cage

Internal Support Augments Bone Density

The PH Cage creates a rigid intramedullary scaffold to augment bone density and to provide subchondral support that allows for polyaxial screw placement. The Cage re-establishes cortical-like fixation within osteoporotic bone and provides the pull out strength necessary for a strong repair. Utilizing the shape memory properties of nitinol, the PH Cage can be collapsed and delivered through a small cannula and then expands within the bone creating robust fixation to help prevent head collapse.

Patient Swimmer

A Surgical Approach Designed for the Needs of the Repair

The PH Cage can be delivered through several different surgical approaches depending on the needs and demands of the repair. Also, a percutaneous repair has been designed for preservation of tissues and blood supply at the fracture site, to enable rapid healing, reduction of pain and to facilitate early motion.

PH Cage
DR Cage
PR Cage


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