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Conventus Cage technology is an exciting evolution to orthopedic fracture fixation that has been designed to address fracture collapse through 3-dimensional intramedullary support. With polyaxial screw placement and locking capabilities, surgical constructs can be customized to meet the demands of a wide variety of periarticular fractures.


One Technology,
Multiple Applications

The CAGE 3-dimensional fracture fixation platform utilizes a self-expanding, internal framework that provides a strong foundation to anchor and stabilize fragments – eliminating fracture collapse even in osteopenic bone. By offering a versatile platform which combines the advantages of conventional fixation techniques without their limitations, the CAGE enables surgeons to repair all types of periarticular fractures from the simplest to the most complex, including:

Deployment Sequence

Overcome Bone Quality & Density Challenges

One of the most common modes of failure for fracture repair is the inability to achieve and maintain a reduction due to poor bone quality and density. Without it, traditional fixation struggles to create a strong, confident repair. Ultimately, fracture collapse can occur due to a lack of subchondral support. With those challenges in mind, The PH Cage was designed to offer 3-dimensional support, poly axial screws for tuberosity and cuff management as well as options for percutaneous delivery and repair.



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