CAGE™ 3-Dimensional Fracture Management System

The Conventus CAGE offers new hope to patients with fractured wrists, elbows and shoulders – helping them avoid joint replacement and enabling them to return to normal activity quickly and with less pain.


A Preferable Alternative to Joint Replacement

Broken wrists, elbows and shoulders are among the most common type of fractures.  Often the break is due to a simple fall on outstretched hands. Sports and other accidents are also responsible for many breaks. While many fractures can be treated non-operatively, others can be more complex and require surgery. In some circumstances, with osteoporotic bone, a repair may not be possible and joint replacement becomes the necessary alternative.  Given our dependence on the function and longevity of our joints, Conventus has boldly pursued a repair alternative that now enables surgeons to instead repair more complex fractures, even in osteoporotic bone. The Conventus Cage is a new, less invasive option that is placed inside the bone and creates a strong substrate for the repair. It is the first internal, 3-dimensional system designed to repair a wide range of fractures with strength equivalent to that of traditional metal plates and screws – even in fragile, osteoporotic bone.

Broken Joint with Cage Implanted

The CAGE is implanted inside the broken joint. It requires only a few small incisions and reduces surgical trauma by as much as 70%.



The Cage reduces surgical trauma by as much as 70 percent compared to traditional plate and screw techniques, and preserves soft tissues around the fracture to minimize swelling and pain. In general, patients treated with the Conventus Cage have demonstrated an early return to activities of daily living with minimal stiffness.



Many patients who sustain a shoulder fracture (or proximal humerus fracture) have osteoporotic bone which ultimately makes the repair with traditional rods, plates or screws more challenging. Because of the compromised bone and challenges associated with such a repair, shoulder replacement becomes the only alternative; an option that may require some sacrifice of motion and/or activities. With these needs in mind, The Conventus team has designed a fracture management system, the Conventus Cage, that is designed to overcome the challenges associated with these injuries and offers surgeons a way to address fractures with osteoporotic bone; thus, replacing fewer joints and returning patients to the activities they love the most!



Patients who sustain fractures of the elbow may require surgery. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the repair may be accomplished with traditional plates and screws or in some circumstances joint replacement may be necessary. As a new alternative, the Conventus Cage can be implanted inside the bone to repair the joint. The procedure can be accomplished with less hardware exposed on the bone, which is a known complication of other techniques that subsequently impacts the range of motion of the extremity post-operatively.


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